Reverse Engineering Services

Reverse Engineering has never been easier! Whether you need shrink-wrap data, an IGES file, or even a fully parametric SolidWorks model, We are ready to deliver. We consult with you from the start of every project to ensure you're
getting the data you need. No cookie cutter results here!

See how YOU can benefit from our Reverse Engineering Services!

What Our Clients Say

[One of] the main reasons I will try and use 3DScanCo in the future [is] your quick response time. This alone salvaged a critical milestone in our project. The programmatic and monetary cost of not accomplishing the task at the required date would have been detrimental to the project. The fact that 3DScanCo was able to begin the task 3 business days after the official request was given was exceptional, and well deserving of future business.

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