Reverse Engineering Services

Reverse Engineering has never been easier! Whether you need shrink-wrap data, an IGES file, or even a fully parametric SolidWorks model, 3DScanCo is ready to deliver. We consult with you from the start of every project to ensure you're
getting the data you need. No cookie cutter results here!

See how YOU can benefit from our Reverse Engineering Services!

General Electric Power Systems Toyota Nokia Lockheed Martin Trek Bicycles
Siemens Georgia Tech Delta NASA Yahama

What Our Clients Say

3DScanCo far exceeded our expectations for a 3D scanning and engineering company. Thanks to the engineers at 3DScanCo, our new armor kits fit the trucks perfectly on the first try! We benefited from a significant cost savings using 3D scanning, which reduced our prototyping time significantly.

Dubravko "Doc" Rak, Chief Designer - DRS Radian

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