Handyscan 3D EXAscan Laser Scanner

The Handiest Scanner Around Just Got More Powerful

With the introduction of the EXAscan laser scanner from Handyscan 3D, the handheld 3D laser scanner market gets a new option with increased resolution and accuracy. This turns the Handyscan 3D product line into a viable option for scanning highly detailed surfaces and small objects in many fields such as aerospace, automotive, consumer products and more.

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The EXAscan 3D laser scanner is equipped with a third high definition camera which greatly increases the scanning resolution as well as the data acquisition accuracy.

Why the Handyscan 3D EXAscan?

The Handyscan 3D EXAscan boasts a number of unique features that help differentiate itself from other scanning systems. Being an upgrade to the Handyscan 3D REVscan, the EXAscan laser scanner has many of the same features and benefits. The EXAscan also boasts a new automatic multi-resolution function enabling it to automatically set the optimum resolution based on the type of surface it is scanning.

Key Features


  • 3 Cameras
  • Automatic multi-resolution function
  • Self positioning (does not require an arm)
  • User friendly and ergonomic design
  • Plug-and-play
  • Portable scanner system
  • Versatile use
  • 2x the resolution of the REVscan
  • 20% increase in accuracy from the REVscan
  • Easily accesses hard-to-scan areas
  • Easy to learn - virtually no learning curve
  • Quickly sets up for scanning
  • Highly mobile
  • Use for wide range of object size
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Our Thoughts

The Handyscan 3D laser scanners are ideal for scanning projects that require accurately capturing the shape of low curvature objects without the inconvenience of setting up tripods, tracking arms, and photogrammetry rigs. With the added camera and improved resolution, the EXAscan is able to capture smaller objects in greater detail. Consequently, the EXAscan is a much more viable option for scanning detailed objects. In addition, it's increased accuracy makes it more supsceptible for engineering projects.

3DScanCo has had success using the Handyscan 3D scanners to scan car bodies, household products such as a smoke detector, boat hulls, and even sections of a Boeing 757. Although the native photogrammetry system is not optimal for scanning entire objects larger than a typical car, it is intuitive and works great for small to medium sized objects.

You will see the most benefit with the EXAscan if your projects involve:

  • Low to medium curvature parts
  • Free form shapes
  • Reverse engineering/modeling
  • Objects ranging in size from a breadbox to a typical car

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