FARO Photon 120/80/20 Terrestrial Scanner

Large Scale Optical CMM

The FARO Photon 120 offers a powerful combination of speed, accuracy, detail, and ease-of-use to complete measurements and virtual recreations of large objects and environments.

FARO Logo This new generation of FARO's large volume metrology instruments precisely measures large scale geometry and marks both a 200% improvement in positional accuracy and 300% less noise when compared to FARO's Laser Scanner LS 880.

Why a FARO Photon?

The Photon incorporates unique features which make it the ideal choice for scanning large objects. The 360 degree field of view scanner can scan entire objects ranging in size from a typical car to a jumbo jet to an oil rig or an entire building.

Key Features


  • Non-contact laser scanning
  • Up to 25m range
  • Guaranteed accuracy of +/-2mm
  • 360 degree horizontal field of view
  • Measures 120,000 points/second
  • No photogrammetry targets or reflectors
  • Very large measurements
  • On-site measurements
  • Scan rooms, buildings, planes, boats, etc.
  • Minimum set up and scanning time
FARO Phantom Terrestrial Laser Scanner

FARO Photon Basics

The Photon’s high resolution, precision 3-D scans are ideal for laser scanning metrology applications such as reverse engineering, inspection, modeling, as-built documentation, asset management and more. Designed for quick and easy data capture, the Photon’s carbon fiber tripod, internal hard drive, optional lightweight battery (mounted directly to the scanner), as well as operation via iPod® touch or most wireless devices, makes for quick and simple on-the-go measuring.

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